Transahara 2013
I Vj Set


03.04.2013 – 07.04.2013



Nataraja.Veejay @ Transahara 2013 Festival

Transahara is Nomadstribe’s lucid dream gaining shape and growing since 2002. We aim to provide our friends and guests with an outstanding event where we can all enjoy music, arts and amazing happenings.

More than just a festival, it’s a gathering of people bringing into the spectacular Sahara desert their own culture, artistic expression and personal experience.

Transahara is a desert journey where your soul can explore, through dancing and stillness, the seductive silence of the sand dunes, the breathtaking views of the horizon’s infinity, and the endless possibilities of surrealistic encounters with others and itself.

Since the beginning, the festival has been driven by the mystical powers of its land and its tribal and magical history. Everybody knows or has heard about this event, but only a few have really got a chance to experience it…

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