Carrot HDRabbit Video Mixer

This HD mixer finally brings VJ-ing and live HD visual mixing on the budget to practice. In visual productions you will run into a wide range of odd resolutions, different software and setups. The Rabbit offers a solution for all of this.

The HD Rabbit is a controller for the TvOne 1t-C2-750 scaler. Different from other controllers is the hands-on and customizable approach.

Defining your IN and OUT settings for pixel scaling and resolution outputs on two separate LCD screens will make video mixing on LED walls, double or triple wide setups and other non-standard outputs a quick and clear job. All other useful options of the scaler can be controlled via different presets. Use it as a down-to-basics A/B mixer, a battle mixer, a keyer, a color corrector, an effect rack, you decide. You can even create your own preferred control ‘skin’ and upload to the controller working offline.

The expanded option to output OSC commands to software or hardware of your choice can change your performance. With over 15 buttons and 3 knobs freely to assign, you can use the Rabbit as your final visual show controller. Control effects and change the BPM in your VJ software, set the stage lights to black out or go for full blinder, while at the same time seamlessly switching to another HD input. All from the same controller.

  • A mixer/scaler, a switcher, and a controller for your software.
  • Built on the TvOne 1t-C2-750 scaler, it means you’re ready to handle any output resolution – even a strange one – at a moment’s notice, up to 2048×2048.
  • Use LED walls, multiple projectors (via Triplehead2go, etc.), whatever.
  • Mix (including “battle” mixing), key, color correct, add effects.
  • Create custom controller “skins” for controlling software.
  • Output OSC (OpenSoundControl, over UTP, and Artnet), DMX, and MIDI, plus RS-232.
  • Input DMX and OSC.
  • Freely-assignable control layout with 15 buttons, 3 knobs. (three user skins/presets, editable from your desktop computer)
  • 2x DVI-I inputs, with RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and YPbPr support.
  • Per-pixel or percentage scaling control, variable image zoom and shrink, dual picture-in-picture.
  • Chromakey, lumakey.

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