Deepcafè « parisien »

Deepcafè « parisien » 22h-04h

/. downtempo *
/. progressive house **
/. deep techno ***

/. dj’s

/. 22h. Michel Martin (La Chx-de-Fds)
/. 23h30 Stef Skad (Paris) 1ère fois en Suisse
/. 01h30 Mizoo (Ultimae – Moonloop – deepcafè) (Neptune)
/. 02h30 Coeur de son ( svizzero)

Entrée libre, prix majorés au bar
6h de musique et de sourires

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2ème deepcafè de l’année 2018
moonloop records édition

Pour ressentir le soleil entrant dans l’équinoxe de printemps, période de la nouvelle année dans les calendriers antiques, vous pouvez venir vous détendre sur 6 heures de musique
* downtempo /. * progressive house /. *deep techno

Une flûte de mousseux offert à toutes celles et ceux qui viennent avec des bottes jaunes

Entrée libre. Prix majorés au bar. 22h-04h


*** sleepy (moonloop)
*** mercury fall (moonloop)
*** mizoo (moonloop – ultimae – deepcafè)
*** + 1 dj encore

Visuals :
Geométric 3D Mapping
By Nataraja & Olga​

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Olga set kit


Olga set kit


Triangles to connect together in order to create video mapping areas


A kit as easy to assemble as to disassemble

The structures created with Olga can cover on average an area of 1m20 by 1m20. The assembly is easy and you will get a result in less than 30 min!

THE KITOlga is constituted of 30 equilateral triangles and 60 fixing strips. The kit contains 3 elements of 5 triangles, 5 elements of 2 triangles, and 5 elements of a single triangle

MountingThe kit can be quickly mounted and dismantled and as many times as you wish. The materials have been studied in order to guarantee resistance over time.


Olga is convertible according to your tastes

Olga is designed as a kit of modules reusable in multiple configurations. Assemble and reassemble Olga according to your project !

Are you lacking ideas? Find inspiration with ours User guide.


Olga enhances your mapping projects

The triangles have two projection surfaces, one matte and one glossy. Choose the best rendering for your installation.

Need to know more ?

Discover all the technical features of the Olga kit, and even more.

Technical specifications


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HeavyM 1.6.2 News

HeavyM 1.6.2 News

Old versions


New Features :

  • Text in the players
  • Export output as video
  • CUE points for videos
  • Color opacity for each color
  • Color for special filling
  • New Random Color parameters
  • Toggle between user-defined and default center for each effect
  • Save/load for midi parameters
  • Color mask for players

Improvements :

  • Copy the effects from one group to another
  • Reset group effects
  • Shaders inputs
  • Colors saved directly in the color picker
  • Effects optimization
  • Structure effects for ellipses

New design:

  • Sequences
  • Modal windows
  • Color picker
  • Zoom module

FFmpeg integration

  • New format: .avi, .flv, …
  • New codec: hap, dxv, …
  • 4K

More Infos on :

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HeavyM on Kickstarter !

HeavyM on Kickstarter !

HeavyM is an intuitive projection mapping software, it is currently running in beta version. It allows the creation and projection of visual animations with great facility, in order to be projected on real surfaces with a projector. You can also use your own video contents, the software will adjust them automatically to your settings.

Before the beginnings of HeavyM, our dream was to do projection mapping, sadly we did not have the skills in infographics and motion design. Nevertheless, we were experienced in programming, that is how we came with the concept of a software that would generate animations adaptable on any volume configuration for us.

After developing a first Beta version, with which we had lots of fun, we decided to share it with you, for free. A large amount of you had downloaded this first version, and we did not expect such enthusiasm. Today, your energy is pushing us towards concentrating on HeavyM’s development, in order to create a tool corresponding to your needs. This campaign is crucial for HeavyM’s growth, now we need your support so we can go even further and develop the most awaited features. Let us all join today so we can create the greatest public community revolving around projection mapping.

With Thunderclap, you allow to publish a message on Facebook or Twitter the June 17th, announcing the campaign’s halfway point.

Thank you for relaying the information to the greatest number and make the HeavyM’s community even bigger !

It’s really quick & simple :

– Press « Support with »

– « Add my support »

– « Allow publishing »

– And that is good, everything is 100% secure

Thank you again 🙂

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