LED by garageCube

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À propos du projet

A plug-and-play LED Kit designed for stage design, visual art, and live performance. User-friendly and adaptable for structure assembling using aluminum profile. Simple and ergonomic.


LED by garageCube can be plugged together in any order and are auto addressable. A single cable carries both power and data, reducing connections to a minimum. Our LEDs are a perfect complement to madMapper, but are also compatible with third party applications and lighting desk consoles.



With madMapper, the most advanced video and LED mapping tool, you can easily set up from simple to large scale installations. You can use all kinds of content, such as video files, live feed, and generative images, to control your LED by garageCube.


Use your favorite MIDI controller for perfect live control. You can use all kinds of content including video files, live camera feeds, and generative images to control your LED by garageCube.



LED by garageCube will be available in RGB or pure white, and in two different sizes: 50 cm and 1 meter. Light diffusers and transparent covers are included in the Kit.


The 50 cm bar fits in your hand luggage. No need to check them in when flying. Sixteen 50 cm bars are lighter than 4 kg!



Thanks to their aluminum design, LED by garageCube is lightweight and solid. Attach them to your brackets with simple M4 fixing screws.


The bracket system was designed for the LEDs to allow assembly in multiple positions and orientations. Two mounting brackets per LED strut are included in each kit.



Our system is also compatible with standard fastening elements available on the market either directly on the profile adapted for hex head screws or on our bracket mounting system.


The system has also been developed to realize complex structures combining 3D printing or other tailored fabrication techniques, making any of your DIY creations possible.



For manufacturing, we benefit from the experience of our Chinese partner, with whom we have been working for many years on the production of custom-made LEDs. Electronic parts are tested through several quality controls to ensure optimal quality.







Boris has been active in the audio visual field for over 10 years. With his Swiss company garageCube, he created the software modul8 dedicated to live video mixing. Then, in collaboration with 1024 architecture, they created madMapper a software solution dedicated to video and LEDs mapping. After designing some installations and making custom-made LEDs specific to his projects, he met Alexandre and the need arose to create a more versatile product, more adapted and accessible to the community of artists and audiovisual designers in which they evolve. After more than a year of research and testing on small and large scale installations, they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make the product achievable and accessible to all.


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Audio Visualizer with Resolume Avenue 4 (TIPS No.01 & 02)


Visualize Line Scape with audio reacting.


First, please do adjust the playback BPM speed by fitting the value of BPM when sound data inport.

1.FFGL Sources in Sources tab


2. Adjust Line Scape parameters


Stingy Sphere animation made from Lines animation with audio reacting


1.Select Lines in Sources tab

2.Adjustment Lines Parameters


3.Add Shift Glitch effect in Effects tab

4.Add Stingy Sphere effect from Effects tab


3.Add Delay RGB effect in Effects tab for final seasoning.

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Audio Visualizer with Resolume Avenue 4 (TIPS No.03 & 04)

Tips 03

Cube Tiles from Lines animation


Lines from FFGL Sourses


Add Effect / Cube Tiles (Complex) 


Tips 04

Point Grid / Terrain


Point Grid

Gradients from FFGL Sourses

Add Effect / Point Grid


Gradients from FFGL Sourses

Add Effect / Terrain , Blur


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Resolume Avenue 4.x (TIPS No.05 & 06 )

 Audio Visualizer with Resolume Avenue 4 (Tips 05 Tunnel ,Particle)

Tips 05

Tunnel Effect to Lines animation
Feedback Effect to Lines animation
Random particle animation effect from Gradients sourse

Tips 06

Audio Visualizer with Resolume Avenue 4 (Tips 06 Global Effect and auto play) from REELVISION.jp on Vimeo.

Add layer for global effects



Add Pixels in Space to the top layer
Add Pixels in Space to the top layer
Add Stingy Sphere to the top layer

Add Stingy Sphere to the top layer (for Wire frame)
Auto Pilot for every layer
Automatic Opacity for layer 
You can select many transition type from menu .

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