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Little ZOOM Festival (Cancelled)

31 juillet 2014 @ 22 10 00 07007 - 3 août 2014 @ 18 06 00 08008

Dear Zoomies,

Unfortunately the rumors are true and we’re very sorry to notify you that the Little ZOOM Festival 2014 has been canceled.

After learning about objections concerning the place originally planned, we checked out roughly 25 alternative locations, but were unable to find anything appropriate for August 1st. With the clock ticking in the background, we have decided to cancel the project.

We’re very sorry for all the guests and team members, who were looking forward to this weekend. We would like to express our upmost thanks to all for their wonderful encouragement over the past few months! This will motivate us not to leave this winter’s work undone and have several invitations ready for summer 2015.

In the mean time, “Goa-Parties” are known nationwide and notorious. Even so, it’s still worth the time and the effort – even under this year’s blow – to take the cumbersome legal road to avoid a further hardening of the fronts.

Jürg Schmid (Happy People)


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31 juillet 2014 @ 22 10 00 07007
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3 août 2014 @ 18 06 00 08008
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